A 15-Point Checklist To Evaluate Companies Offering Death Scene Cleanup Service


Times, immediately following the occurrence of a loved one’s death, are often confusing ones for the deceased’s family members, especially if events surrounding the death were traumatic. One would thus agree that it isn’t best for them to undertake cleaning the death scene themselves if it did happen on their property. Rather, they should hire a competent company rendering death scene cleanup service that is closest to them.

A quick search online would provide you with hundreds of trauma scene cleanup companies to choose from. However, how do you know the ones really qualified to handle the job you have for them?

The 15-Point Checklist

With new companies springing up every three days and claiming to be experts in cleaning up trauma scenes, you must know how to separate the wheat from the chaff. Here is a checklist containing 15 criteria that shows how qualified a trauma scene cleanup company is

Employees should be trained in using their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

They must possess bloodborne pathogen training

They should have undergone heat illness risk management training and have undergone on-site heat stress level testing

All workers should have been hepatitis B vaccinated

The company should have a contract with a medical waste disposal company or possess a medical waste transporter license themselves.

Workers should be specifically trained on hazard assessment and efficient communication while on the job.

The cleanup crew must be versed in standard procedures concerning the cleanup and disinfection process.

The company must know and possess specifically approved cleaning agents that are recommended for cleaning and disinfection.

They shouldn’t use subcontractors

They should carry out a background check on prospective employees before hiring them.

They should be fully bonded and insured. The insurance should cover employee theft, employee compensation, environmental liability, and general liability among other things.

They should also possess vehicle insurance.

Workers should have been undergoing random drug testing

Training concerning medical waste handling/transporting and standard procedures shouldn’t be a one-time thing, it should be an ongoing affair.

Last but not least, make sure all customer references are validated before contracting the company.

Importance Of The Checklist

The list above checks a company’s qualification on 3 different levels

Employee Safety

Offering a death scene cleaning service is a job that is directed toward ensuring the present and future safety of your clients. So, how ironic would it be that a cleanup company’s employee is not safety conscious while on the job?

The efficient use of their PPE, the bloodborne pathogen training, and other safety-related training they must have acquired helps to put the client’s mind at ease in this regard.

Environmental Safety

A company that possesses a Medical waste transporter license or has a contract proving that it is in liaison with a licensed medical waste company shows that it values environmental safety and does not risk compromising the environment by inappropriate transportation or handling of medical waste.

Best Practices

The use of only approved cleaning agents in the cleaning process displays a cleanup

company’s love for offering only the best services to its clients. So also does their thorough background checks on employees and comprehensive insurance coverage.