What Not To Do During Hoarding Cleanup


The key to dealing with a hoarding situation is having a perfect understanding of the situation at hand. Connecting with the hoarder is vital to the progress of your campaign. Saying the right thing at the wrong time can jeopardize whatever it is you have going on. If you are struggling with a hoarding situation, you should leave it to a professional hoarding cleanup service. Since these experts have experience dealing with similar cases, they know how best to handle such situations. 

While most people may want to handle a hoarding situation quickly, hoarding is a condition that requires patience. You need to show the victim that you care and understand their situation. Only then can you find a suitable solution to the problem. 

Here are some things that you shouldn’t do during a hoarding cleanup process. 


Make Fun of the Hoarder’s Situation

If you are one who makes a joke out of every situation, then you shouldn’t go close to a hoarder’s home. Whoever wants to access the apartment must be mentally and psychologically sound. Let them know that you are dealing with a serious mental issue. The hoarder is not in the right state to understand your harmless jokes. So avoid making fun of the hoarder’s condition completely. 

Disposing of all Items

To you the items and valuables in a hoarder’s home are useless, but a hoarder sees differently. All these rubbish items are valuable to the hoarder. They feel some sort of connection with these properties. Avoid being blunt with your words. Do not say words like let’s get rid of all this useless stuff. 

Get Upset

As a family member of a hoarder, it is OK if you feel upset or saddened by the situation. But regardless of how bad you feel, one thing you shouldn’t do is displaying how angry you are. This emotion will only worsen the situation at hand. A hoarder is always sensitive and might become scared for their life. At this point, they might reject every assistance you offer. 

Touch the Hoarder’s Belongings Without Their Permission

A professional hoarding cleanup service will not start cleaning a hoarder’s home without getting a green light. At the initial stages of the cleaning process, let the hoarder decide what you should be disposed of while other items may need to be negotiated later. Point out reasons why you feel these items should be discarded. Do not just start the cleaning process without at least talking with the hoarder. 

Think of a Hoarder as a Child

True, they may portray childish behavior but most hoarders are an intelligent and educated set of people. They feel bad when you make jest of them. Any adult, regardless of their mental state, will feel disrespected when treated like a child. If you see all hoarder’s behavior as childish, now is the best time to have a rethink. Change your thinking towards them so you can treat them better and with respect. 

Hoarding cleanup is a delicate job. If you want a clean job, hand the task over to a professional hoarding clean service.