When Is It A Health Risk To Carry Out A Decomposed Body Cleanup?

Health Risk

Contrary to popular belief, carrying out a decomposed body cleanup is not a very risky activity health wise. Why? Well, because most of the pathogens that live in the body usually die a few hours after the host body dies as they cannot survive in the outside world for much longer. What then replaces them are bacteria, rodents and insects that feast on the body during the decomposition process. These in themselves also do not pose any significant health risks. Then, when is it really unsafe to carry out a decomposed body cleanup?

When It Is Unsafe To Clean Up A Decomposed Body

It becomes totally unadvisable for an unprofessional to cleanup a decomposed body if the deceased was known to die from a highly infectious disease such as Ebola, tuberculosis, hepatitis b & c amongst others.

Although the above cases are really rare, they happen nonetheless. Thus, you must not touch such decomposed bodies, don’t even go near them if possible. What you should do is call on the professionals or/and the authorities to come handle the situation.

What If You Are Not Sure Of What The Person Died From?

In the case that you are not privy to the deceased’s medical history, you must err on the side of caution and stay away from the decomposed body. Again, call the professionals.

Why The Professionals?

For starters, they are better equipped to handle the cleaning. These battle hardened crime scene cleaners can always draw from their wealth of experience in cleaning trauma scenes to be able to ensure that all nooks and crannies get the cleaning they deserve. These spots could be hidden from you being a novice that you are.

Secondly, they probably possess better tools and equipment than the broom, brush, mop and buckets that you are thinking of using. Their highly specialized tools and products not only wipes the visible evidence of the traumatic scene but also the invisible organisms lurking within it. The case of the pungent odor that would surely be present because of the decomposition process will also be a bygone issue by the time they are done with the cleanup.

Lastly, the professionals are better suited to face the gore that a scene containing a decomposed body might present. Whether it is gore-filled or not, one thing is certain, it will be definitely unpleasant, what with the thousands of maggots crawling about and insects and pests having a feast? Why would you want to have such images and memories burnt into your mind when you can have professionals handle it for you? These cleanup workers have probably already developed an iron clad stomach from the several previous jobs they have handled and thus can handle themselves better.

A piece of advice; whether the deceased died from an infectious disease or not, or you think you are up to the task of cleaning up a death scene, always let the professional handle it. Chances are that you have just lost a loved one in death, get the help you can and begin your healing process. May you find the strength needed to overcome this?